Taming the Business Beasts

September 27-29, 2021

June Berry Ridge, Norwood, NC

If you are a business owner, then we know you have BEASTS.

Time To Conquer the Beasts of Business

Not everyone wants to admit it, but being a BUSINESS OWNER with SUCCESS is one of the hardest – time consuming roller coaster rides you can be on. 

It's worth it because you have a passion and value that others need. 

But that value and passion still won’t hide the beasts.

So think about it - what are BEASTS in your business?

What is overpowering, turbulent, scary, loud, obnoxious, out of control?

The Networking Beast?

The Communications Beast?

The Mindset Beast?

The Confidence Beast?

The Task and Procedures Beast?

The Marketing Beast?

The “I got this” Beast?

The Prospecting Beast?

The Sales Beast?

ALL the Business Beasts?

Taming the Business Beasts

Do you know what you need to do but don’t know where to start?

Do you seem to never have time to work ON your business because everyday operations are more than you can handle?

Are you not seeing the growth you had expected by now?

Do you feel caught up in a whirlwind of activity but feel like you just aren’t getting anywhere?

3 Day Intensive Hosted by Kim Wojnowich & Melissa Taylor

Kim Wojnowich & Melissa Taylor

In this Intensive we will provide the tools you need to Master these Beasts and turn your pain into opportunity.

  1. Uplevel your intentionality – You need a crystal clear understanding of exactly what you need to do to meet your growth goals.
  2. Increase your Presence. Multiply Your Sales. –  Prepare for an epiphany of how showing up with clarity and confidence will bring you more profit and less stress.
  3. Master Strategic Time Management – Get a tactical breakdown of your week for maximum efficiency and outstanding results.

You will be equipped with:

  • Marketing Expertise
  • Calendar Mastery
  • Vision Identification
  • Emotional Intelligence Armor
  • Strategic Implementation
  • Your Love for what You Do
5 Star Review

I worked with Melissa over many months building the foundation for a keynote speaking business.  I found her to be the perfect mix of encouragement and accountability, helping me move through all of the decision points and deliverables that needed completing in order to go-to-market as a credible keynote speaker.  Her lighthearted approach kept it fun and her structure kept me moving forward.  She’s a strategic thinker who doesn’t waste time and knows how things work and what needs to happen.  You won’t be sorry you partnered with her, and I look forward to doing so again in the future.

~ Jessica Bronzert

5 Star Review

Though I have known and admired Kim personally and professionally for almost 20 years, earlier this year  I decided working with Kim was a next step in my career.  .I LOVE working with Kim! She brings out the best in people! She surely helps you recognize traits and ways about you that you didn't even know you had. She helped me tap into and polish my skills and refresh my observation of my professional value proposition.  Eye opening and great stuff!

Heart and soul, she loves seeing our success, which builds into a perfect uplifting, learning based, success cycle.

~ Kari

Can you relate?

Here is the Great news ... You are not alone!  We have both been there – done that!  At times we too felt like we were playing wac-a-mole. Marketing, sales, follow-up, bookkeeping, networking, dinner, laundry, kids cab, social media, blog, graphics, back office work … not to mention client work! 

Then we each saw the horizon through the storm and soon the turbulent juggling became calm.  And we now enjoy the life of a business owner rather then simply owning a business that has become a JOB!

Melissa and Kim have BEEN THERE so you don’t have to go in unprepared.

If you are ready to forge your own path, apply for the Taming the Business Beast intensive TODAY!

  • Tackle your beasts with Style
  • Produce undeniable results
  • Kill passive inaction and replace it with a GRITTY vision
  • Develop a warrior mindset and wake up with CONFIDENCE

They have been in the whirlwind, They have tamed the beast and They Can Show You How! Let’s give your business a hero’s tale that your ideal clients and customers will be unable to resist!

5 Star Review

Working with Kim Wojnowich. has been an exercise in exploration.  From the thought provoking questionnaire about my business, talking through and expanding on the answers to the purpose and value I bring.

Kim saw things from a different perspective, had great ideas and suggestions and made sure we got to the core of my BOLDness.  I now have in my toolbox, Power words and Talking Points for any situation. And I have a new message that represents me in my voice. Clients can relate to it. 

I enjoyed working with Kim and her style of coaching.  She will help you get to the heart of your Bold.

~ Paula L

5 Star Review

Melissa offers a wealth of wisdom and strategic ideas to take your business to the next level. She’s knowledgeable in business and great with relationships.  We appreciate the coaching and accountability Melissa offers, meaning, we get stuff done!  She has helped us grow our business and establish more meaningful relationships with our existing clients.

~ Kelly

The Future is Female coffee cup

Who is this intensive for?
In one word: YOU!

If you are a business owner who wants to work more efficiently and produce more…it is for YOU!

If you want to have more of an impact without all the whirlwind and turbulence you are feeling now…it is for YOU!

If you want to really see your business grow without taking over your life, so you can enjoy it…it is for YOU!

If you want to step up your business and step down your overwhelm…it is for YOU!

If you want to stop questioning yourself or uplevel your confidence and impact- this is for you. 

If you to want develop a routine of what business activities SHOULD be taking up your time versus keeping busy-  this is for YOU. 

If you know what you need to do but just can’t seem to make it happen…it is for YOU!

Look, we get it…you don’t think you have the time to commit to an intensive.  Look at it this way:  If you don’t have the time to work ON your business then you also don’t have the time for it to grow, to become what you dream it becoming, because what you will learn in the intensive is what it takes to go from simply owning a business to enjoying the life, the time and financial freedom of being a business owner.

Still don’t think it is for you?

Ask yourself these questions: 

What if you keep doing what you are currently doing?

Do you see a change in your business success 6 months from now?

If you keep doing what you are doing, do you see Burnout and exhaustion on your horizon? 

What if you met a tribe of women who are in your corner and will continue to mastermind and support each other after this event?

Would that help you keep moving forward?

How do you know we can make this happen?

Melissa Taylor

I was YOU many years ago when I started my first business. The dream was vivid, the plan was formed, and hopes were high.  I soon found out that owning a business is much more than a dream, a plan and high hopes. To be successful you have to invest time, money, hard work and sleepless nights…but not as many as I did. 

It was a rough weather, then sunny skies, then back to rainy days before success broke through the clouds.  Now, those experiences provide the landscape as I mentor and challenge business owners every day to intentionally grow their business.  

When Kim and I decided to create this intensive it felt like the sky got brighter!  If you can leverage my experience to save you from trial-and-errors and implement our proven strategies…you can grow faster, more efficiently and effectively and have more impact.

~ Melissa

I have passion, enthusiasm, and extreme drive and have always accomplished what I set out to do. WHY would a business be any different? INSERT LAUGHTER. Because it is SO different. What I didn’t know how to do- is use these traits intentionally. While I knew that success meant being intentional. I never had a good grasp of WHAT intentional daily activities were actually needed to efficiently run my business.  You don’t know what you don’t know right? But once you do- you will see that winging it is not efficient nor effective- and no amount of passion can make up for it. I also learned that passion and enthusiasm don’t always equal confidence and authority which is also critical to success.  It is a competitive market out there and your prospects need to know why YOU are the person with the expertise and authority for them to trust!

~ Kim

This intensive will provide you with a combination of our experiences, strategies, and talents that will leave you running your business AND showing up for your business at the top of your game!!!

Need more? Be brutally honest with yourself...

This is the Sign You

1. Are you intentional about every aspect of your day?

2. Could you be more efficient?

3. Are you producing the kind of results you expected?

4. Do you leave your prospects with the level of confidence and authority it takes, for them to choose you … every time.?

5. Do you assume that you will “grow as you GO” without being intentional about how to Become the next level business owner you desire? 

6. Do you question the actions you take in your day or do you wake up and know exactly what you need to achieve? 

7.  Does the word “BEAST” seem relatable when you think about your business?

If you want to make more money, have more time and run your business (and your life) on YOUR terms and at a higher level- then be sure to be at the Taming the Business Beasts Intensive.

Get ready for an exclusive, invitation only event.  We have seen a massive response to our coaching programs that we wanted to provide you with a fantastic individual experience among friends. SEATS ARE LIMITED so put in your application today!

The Details
3-Day Business Intensive

Monday, September 27 (first session at 10 am) – Wednesday, September 29 (last session ends at 4 pm)

Almost 3 days of Kim and Melissa sharing wisdom and best practices helping you move towards your goals with practical hands-on, get it DONE activities. 

Over 24 hours of trainings, workshops and hands-on activities

… plus a little sleep and a little fun!

Once you submit your application and non-refundable deposit, expect an acceptance letter within 48 hours of receipt.  At that time you will submit the balance due to guarantee your seat at the intensive.

PLUS the first 25 applications received will be sent a copy of our 10 Habits to Tame the Business Beasts.  This is packed with things you can start doing IMMEDIATELY!

woman enjoying the sun

What does it cost?

One Hundred Thousand Bucks!

Think about it…having a more efficiently run business where you are back in control of your time, your income and your life, confidently showing your value and receiving the credibility you deserve – that is priceless!

So How Much Is It?


It is not even 5-figures!

It just breaks the barrier of 4-figures…

The Taming the Business Beasts Intensive is only $675! (plus accommodations)

I know – you can’t believe it!

Most business strategists charge $250-$1000/hour! (Including Melissa and Kim) …
so how can it only be $1,000?

Power of the group!  Power of community!  Power of Intensive!

Accommodation Options

Juneberry Ridge

Check out this hidden gym in Norwood NC:  Juneberry Ridge

Accommodations include all meals/snacks* and activities on site.

$330 per person for two nights in a shared, single-bedroom cabin
$350 for a single bedroom in one of our three-bedroom cabins
$400 for sole occupancy of one of our single-bedroom cabins  

*Friday night dinner not included will be at local Marina

happy woman jumping into sunset sky

Frequently Asked Questions

If I submit an application and non-refundable deposit but am not accepted, do I receive back the deposit? 

YES!  If we feel this intensive is not a good fit for you, we will happily return your deposit.

What if I don’t have time to spend 3 days at an intensive and do the work that might be asked of me?

Two things:  (1) if you don’t have time to spend improving your business then you don’t have time to have your business grow; (2) what you can accomplish in 3 days with us would probably take you 3-4 months working around your busy schedule … you choose.

What if I don't have the money right now to invest?

We get it, there are bills to pay and not enough coming in.  But if you are not willing to invest in yourself and your business how can you ask others to invest in you?  Don’t you want to be the best and have a business that proves it?  We are happy to discuss a payment plan so that you don’t miss out on this business growth opportunity.

What do you mean am I intentional with “Becoming” my next level Business person? Why does that matter? 

Being a Rockstar level business owner takes more than just knowing what tasks to accomplish on a given day. If you don’t “SHOW UP” to represent your business with clarity and confidence- if your prospects don’t have FULL believe in you- then all the tasks you are learning and implementing still won’t result in success. 

Is this for my industry? 

If you have to market your services or products, fill your own pipeline and deliver on what you promise….then yes, it is for you!

What if I just started my business and don’t even know what the Beasts are?

GREAT!  Hopefully after the Intensive you will be able to identify a Beast before the whirlwind starts…and get your business right the first time around!

5 Star Review

We hired Melissa as a coach last year as we moved to a new area.  She has been extremely helpful in guiding us to a successful launch and enhancing our existing business along the way.  It is so nice to have a coach that is on your side and pulling for you to succeed.  Her ability to guide, encourage, and bring relevant ideas that we are able to implement is as though we have a new team member that we can call on for great input and advice.

~ Terry Lineberger

5 Star Review

Partnering with Kim Wojnowich was a very smart move for my business. Her ability to distill my vague and confusing business message to one that not only resonates with listeners, but also has them reaching out to me for more information is amazing! Prior to Kim, at networking events when I was asked, "Lynette, tell us what you do." I would cringe. Now, I have BOLDness and confidence in my “B.A.M.”

In this current world of networking non-stop, it's vitally important to connect with people that can help you carve out and focus on YOUR value. Kim is uniquely qualified to cut through the clutter and allow you to focus on YOU and your message and the value you bring to your business. 

~ Lynette O

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